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Musiq Cultura RVA Casette Sticker

Musiq Cultura RVA Casette Sticker

This Musiq Cultura RVA Casette Sticker is a collaboration between MusiqReiV and MusiqCultura RVA. It is a tribute to MusiqReiV's childhood memories of recording music on cassettes to send to her dad in Guatemala City. The cassette is an essential part of the Musiq Cultura RVA branding and serves as a reminder to all of us that we are in control of our own destiny, and tune. This sticker is included with every purchase from ARTwear, but is available for individual purchase. 

2.98" X 3" Vinyl sticker, waterproof 

$1 from the profits of this sticker will go towards combatting houselessness in the city of Richmond, VA. Bundle of 3 of the same available. 

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