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The Full Story

 Mic the Cause Series 

Presented by Musiq Cultura RVA 

Our Mic the Cause series of events began in the Summer of 2021, at the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic. Musiq Cultura RVA’s founder and local artist/advocate, MusiqReiV recognized there was a communal need to bring established local artist-advocates, as well as aspiring Creative people together in one place, for one Mutual Cause. All while centering everyone around music, the arts and a very general sense of communal Creativity.


Since conception, our Mic the Cause events have slowly become a place to share high-quality music, where seasoned artists can try out new songs with a smaller more intimate audience while supporting a good cause, and where a new singer-songwriter can come explore their new-found talents and get feedback from other seasoned artists. It’s become a place where many can feel comfortable to share hidden talents, and a place where the homies or the squad can hang out and eat good food while listening to music, all while working towards a Mutual Cause together. But it’s  also a place where COVID precautions are in place to ensure that we wouldn’t be a super-spreader event, and to keep everyone safe.


So with a vision in mind, MusiqReiV engaged the support of her life-partner and fellow events producer Colleen, as well as her good friend and fellow organizer Serena, to kick off the first Backyard Open Mic the Cause Series in July of 2021. It was a complete success! So we decided to keep going. And now you’re here with us, too. We’re excited to work together on a Mutual Cause Project!


Are you on the Invite Mailing List yet?! E-mail Admin@MusiqCulturaRVA to sign up. 

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