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All our services are Sliding Scale Friendly.
Hablamos Español Tambien.

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Musiq Cultura RVA is an interdisciplinary one-stop hub for professional and creative services and development, as well as an ARTwear Store. We are for all types and shapes of multi-faceted persons, both creative & professional, who want to have an even more creative approach to their life, and work life, and be connected to everything that matters to them under one roof. We are minority-owned and operated, and we are headquartered in Richmond, VA and our services are available virtually or in-person by appointment only. All our services are available in Spanish, and on a sliding scale upon request. 

                                                          Our services most benefit:

Persons looking for a change in career/field and/or exploring artists and persons, dancers, musicians, and other creative (or non-creative- it’s all a label!) people looking to make their art, personal passions, and/or skills into a sustainable, profitable profession. Our Creative Career Consultation offering is meant to help you develop an individually targeted, strategic plan to become an independent contractor or establish your own LLC with the end goal of working for yourself partially or on a full-time status

Anyone looking for a professionally certified (and good-looking!) resume or resume revision in English and/or Spanish through our Resume Revision services. Courtesy 15 minute flash Career Consultation included.


Persons looking for a Mock Job Interview Practice- your premier destination for honing your interview skills and securing your dream job! Our mock job interview service offers a tailored experience designed to simulate real-world interview scenarios, empowering you to ace every encounter with confidence. Includes a 15 min. flash career consultation. 

Organizations or Persons looking for artistic talent, event planning, or live sound engineering for their next creative event and/or anyone looking for musical, dance, DJs, performative pieces and etc both in English & Spanish through our Music & Arts Event/Talent/Audio Engineering/ Live Sound Mixing option. Our talent pool network highlights LGTBQIA+, Immigrant, Disabled, Veteran, Black & Brown, AAPI, and other historically underrepresented artists. MusiqReiV is a nonbinary and womxn identifying audio engineer and sound mixer available.

Organizations or Persons looking to add interdisciplinary and multi-media arts & music programming facilitated by a local multi-media artist to their schedule in English & Spanish from our Youth/Adult Multi-Media Arts & Music Programming service

Organizations or Persons looking to add intersectional and multi-faceted speakers to their panels of all kinds including those of the LGTBQIA+, Immigrant, Nonbinary, Brown, Non-Native English, WomXn, Intersex, and other such experiences in English & Spanish through our Speaker/Panelist- MusiqReiV offering

Organizations or Persons looking for professional and native/culturally sensitive interpretations or translations for digital and/or printed material in English & Spanish through our Interpretation & Translation service

Organizations or Persons looking for Human Resources, People Strategy or Facilitation/Mediation support through our Human Resources/People Strategy services

Organizations or Persons looking for multi-media/art/professional services/minority-owned vendors or those looking to purchase handcrafted, locally-made, and/or sourced art in English & Spanish through our Community Vendor offering

Organizations or Individuals who otherwise would not have had access to fair, high-quality professional services via our sliding-scale option and/or services available in Spanish options ​in English & Spanish

...And anyone who loves the arts!

Here's our flyer. 

                                                         Our Mission: 

Our mission is to help make ARTwear, creative and professionally integrated services accessible to all people regardless of sex, religion, gender identity, poverty level, or any other socio-economic demographic that would have otherwise prevented them from getting access to fair, high-quality professional services. We do this by offering services on a sliding-scale whenever necessary, as well as services in English & Spanish.

The collective of ideas was born out of necessity and passion to build bridges amongst communities and individuals in the world who may currently use music, art, and creativity as a coping mechanism to life's challenges and who may not think of themselves as artists, poets, rappers, and writers...not to mention as "creatives."

Musiq Cultura was founded by international artist MusiqReiV, the artistic stage name of professional singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, producer/audio engineer & sound mixer, multi-media artist/Illustrator/Graphic Designer and HR/People Strategist Reina V. Palencia.


MusiqReiV provides individual one-on-one introductory guitar and vocal coaching in the comfort of your home. Limited availability by Appointment only using the Introductory Guitar/Vocal Coaching option in our Services page.

                     Got creative genes or an idea? Conectate 

                                              All our services are available on Sliding Scale.
                                                           Hablamos Español Tambien.

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